Through the Wall Systems

Efficiency and reliability are both important to maintaining a wine cellar that will help your wine collection age properly. CellarMate supplies Whisperkool through the wall wine cellar cooling units that allow you to easily configure your storage space into an efficient wine cellar. By mounting a WhisperKool unit directly into your wine cellar and venting into an adjacent room, you can create an optimal environment with one simple piece of equipment.

The WhisperKool Line

Through the wall wine cellar cooling units are smaller and easier to install than full HVAC units, making it simple to transform any room into a convenient wine cellar. For nearly two decades, CellarMate has provided wine collectors around the world with the most reliable and versatile climate-control equipment with the WhisperKool line. These units are fully sealed and self-contained, and a great option for converting an unfinished basement or an empty room into the perfect storage space for your wines. Design your own wine cellar with the same controlled humidity and temperature conditions that have been used for ages by the experts.

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