Split System Cooling Units

Creating the ideal wine cellar environment demands continuous and balanced temperature control. CellarMate supplies ducted and ductless HVAC wine cellar split system installation that will control the temperature of the room without requiring extensive modifications to your home or business. These units are perfect for achieving a controlled environment without the excessive noise or costs.

Ducted Split Systems

The ducted split system is often the most efficient way to cool a cellar. This system allows you to place the cooling system at an optimal location near or in your cellar while the condenser unit is placed in a better location for venting and noise dispersal. This configuration requires ductwork be installed between the two units, allowing temperature and humidity control for an area up to 2,000 square feet.

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless systems can be mounted inside your wine cellar without installing new ductwork of vents that can detract from the room’s aesthetics. Heat and humidity features can be added to the ductless models, allowing you optimal control of your wine cellar’s conditions. With an incredibly quiet noise output during operation, the ductless split system is an ideal option for smaller cellars or rooms where running new ductwork isn’t feasible.

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