Some wine experts debate the importance of humidity for proper wine storage. It can be argued that the relative humidity within a bottle is maintained 100% regardless of the closure used or the orientation of the bottle. However, we believe low humidity can be a problem because it may cause organic corks to dry prematurely. The famous European wine caves naturally maintain humidity at around 60%. We can help you achieve the same environment by adding humidifier functionality to virtually any Split System.

WineSmart Controllers

The Wine Smart controller comes with a programmable keypad display unit. This allows an owner to easily set parameters for the temperature and humidity of their system. In addition, the controller will automatically change settings when needed to provide start up, short cycling and freeze protection. This protects the system’s compressor and ensures optimal wine storage conditions. Add an Internet Module and the Wine Smart Controller lets you look at real time performance data such as temperature, humidity, evaporator temperature, blower speed and set points from any computer or smartphone, anywhere in the world.


In creating the ideal wine-vironment, keeping an area cool is not always the only consideration. In climates with ambient temperatures that can fall below 55°F (13°C), it might be necessary to heat your space in order to keep your wine at a constant temperature all year. Most CellarMate solutions can be outfitted with an electric heat option which allow you to either cool or heat the air in your cellar, ensuring your wine is always protected regardless of outside environment temperatures.