Through The Wall Systems

Often the choice of do-it-yourselfers, these are typically the most economical and easiest to install systems. With the condenser and air handler in one unit, they fit between wall studs and vent into an adjacent space. Ideal for smaller wine cellars and those looking for the most economical option.

Self Contained systems

These “Plug and Play” units have become the standard for professionals due to high reliability and easy installation. They are single units, like Through the Wall Systems, but can be installed within 25 feet of the cellar and connected through ductwork.

Split Systems

When Through the Wall or Self Contained Systems aren’t ideal, CellarMate can design a split system to perfectly suit your space. Split Systems offer the most flexibility, with separate condensing units and air handlers, the option to add humidification and heaters, and the ability to configure with or without ducts.

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