Achieve the traditional wine storage environment found in the caves of the finest wineries.

Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

For hundreds of years, the most famous and stunning wines around the world have been made in the deep cellars and basements underneath vineyards and wineries.  This is a time-honored process and a natural environment best suited to create complex and aromatic vintages.  Wine-making is no longer limited to aged wineries however and you can use this same process without a wine cellar.  CellarMate gives you effective and efficient equipment to mimic the environment of a wine cellar without changing your home or business.

CellarMate’s custom wine cellar cooling units and systems design give you the optimal temperature and humidity of a wine cellar. Regardless of the vintage, price, age, type or origin of your wines, it will all go to waste without the proper storage. As the flavor of wine improves with age, the storage settings become a particularly important part of the vintage’s taste throughout its lifetime.

Learn more about custom wine cellar cooling units and systems for your home or business.  Maintain the perfect settings for your wine collection and make sure every bottle you open is crisp and clean.

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The ideal storage environment of a wine cave is created by Mother Nature. For the rest of us, there are professional climate control solutions from CellarMate.

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For two decades, CellarMate has been providing expert advice and cutting-edge climate control solutions for discerning homeowners, restaurants, wineries and building professionals.

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